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Here are some tips from other parents.  If you have any advice that you would like to share, please use the form below.

My daughter Mary has a disability that puts her in a wheelchair at all times. I wanted to find something to keep her active. During my search I came across this article:  It talks about the Special Olympics, similar opportunities for children with disabilities, wheelchair sports and wheelchair safety.  It taught me a lot and when I shared the info with Mary, she got a huge smile on her face.

Susan Lowe,

” I was recently turned on to the following link and wanted to share: I’d love to get this info into the hands of other moms & dads of kids with Downs. I’ve already printed out a few of the worksheets to supplement our Jolly Phonics stuff…”


“Just thought I’d drop you a line to tell you about a stress saving tracking device I have bought for my son, which might interest other parents. I purchased it after his sister lost concentration and he went awol. As we are all aware, our children have a fascination with exploration and can disappear from your sight with a blink of an eye. A skill so perfected and mastered not even the most vigilant parent has not experienced it at some stage, all be it for just a short time which seems like a lifetime! As with all things relating to specialist equipment for our children it is a little pricey. But with my sanity and nervous disposition at stake, near on a £100 seems reasonable. Whilst it’s an aid and not a replacement for vigilance, it helps take the stress from seaside, zoo and shopping trips or mostly any busy outside activity. Its easy to use and has many extras like a panic button on child’s wrist receiver, and find function when you are not sure where in a busy park with climbing activities and tunnels they have ventured. Its called “ISeeka” and is available at a discount on the special needs equipment website Fledglings (a charity org). “ISeeka” gives a discount of £10 when you quote Fledglings and also “ISeeka” donate £10 to them, which is helpful. Just thought I’d let you know, positive review of equipment that might help someone else.”


“The BBC produced a CBeebies magazine on the popular programme Something Special, for children with communication difficulties. It even had a Mr Tumble doll as it’s free gift! Now Florence watches the episodes while dancing the Mr Tumble doll on her knee and the magazine is about the right level for her all the way through. As the parent of Mr Tumble’s number one fan I was almost as thrilled as my 5 year old!”


“I took part in the first of the new DownsEd free online seminars ( technology worked very easily and the event was good with lots of Q&As. There was not a great deal new in this one a lot was covered at the conference last October but they have got some more scheduled including several that look interesting.”


“Just wanted to let you all know about a documentary soap called The Specials. It consists of 10 short series. They are really good, I watched them and laughed. Its a group of 5 people in their 20s with special needs who house share in Brighton. You can see it on and there are links through Facebook to the other series.”


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